Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Make a list and check it twice!

With Thanksgiving just two days away, we are currently being bombarded with messages about "Black Friday Deals." Many of you are probably already making your lists of gift ideas and recipients. Today's blog may give you some ideas on timesaving ways to set up and keep those gift lists.

A few years ago I developed a paper list system but thought it would be good to upgrade to something more cool and hip. So I started searching online for gift list systems.

I haven't started using any of these sites yet, but thought I would pass on some links for you, in case you also want to upgrade your list system.

LifeHacker's Holiday Shopping Checklist
This nifty template allows you to color code, cross-reference, and calculate your shopping budget. It is a spreadsheet that includes columns for recipients, purchased gift, gift cost, and whether you have received, wrapped and delivered the gift. It's a free template; that's a price I like when I'm budgeting for Christmas!

If you have an I-Phone, I found several Christmas gift list organizer aps:

Santa's List by Vurgood Apps

This YouTube video shows how it works.

My Christmas Gift List by PRG Consulting

Christmas Gifts List

This Christmas List application is for the Palm.

GiftBox is for Palms, but it also has a PC application. Like the fact that you can keep notes on possible gift ideas.

Or, if you still want to rely on the old printed list, here are a couple of free lists available for free:

Debi's Handy Helper Freebies: Christmas Shopping List

All Things Christmas Gift List

This is my favorite because there is a place to list budgeted amount and actually spent for each gift:

Thrifty Fun's Holiday Gift List

Hope these resources help you. Go ahead and make that list today, so you can enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow, before you start the shopping frenzy on Friday! With one of these lists, you will be all ready for Friday!

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