Sunday, October 18, 2009

Non-candy treats for Halloween trick-or-treaters

It's time to get back to writing this blog! With Halloween around the corner, thought I would re-visit one of the favorite topics from the Creative Gift Giver website:

Non-candy treats for Halloween trick-or-treaters

Sometimes you just don't want to give those little ghosts and goblins another candy bar or lollipop. Don't despair--there are many inexpensive alternatives! Here are a few ideas:

1) Halloween themed pencils and erasers

2) Stickers. It's easy to find stickers with a Halloween motif at many dollar stores and grocery stores, especially this time of year.

3) Silly novelties, like wind-up chomping teeth, glow-in-the-dark slime, or or bouncing eye balls. It's Halloween--the weirder, the better! As long-time readers to my website already know, my favorite resource for inexpensive novelties and small toys is Oriental Trading. Click on this graphic if you want to check out their online catalog:

Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

4)Ghostly jewelry. Spider rings, pumpkin necklaces, even glow-in-the-dark rubber wristbands are favorites among kids. Oriental Trading or your local five-and-dime store would be a good resource for these items.

5) Coloring sheets. Print out some Halloween themed coloring sheets from the internet. Package them in a zippered plastic bag along with a couple of crayons.

6) Play clay. Sometimes you can find it in Halloween colors, like orange, brown and even black! Or look for glow-in-the-dark play clay. I have seen packs of small canisters of PlayDoh in Halloween colors at Target; a bag of 20 small canisters is just $4.99.

Another option: you could make your own play clay and then dye it orange using food coloring. If you do this, put a 1/2 or 1/3 cup portion into Halloween themed treat bags. Include a tag stating that it is homemade play clay. (You might include the recipe, too.) Here is a great homemade play clay recipe.

7) Barrettes, hair ribbons in Halloween colors. Mostly for the little girls, but they will be delighted!

8) Pumpkin pencil toppers made out of felt. A simple craft; find the directions here.

Those ideas should get your creative juices flowing!

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