Monday, March 30, 2009

Our favorite Easter books: The Thornbush

We are blessed to have so many good books available for Easter! I have two more that I would like to tell you about. Today's entry is about a book called The Thornbush; tomorrow we will learn a special story behind the sand dollar.

The Thornbush
This book provides another unique perspective on Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. It is told from the point of view of a little thorn bush growing near a big palace in Jerusalem. The thorn bush feels sad and neglected because people avoid it, not wanting to hurt themselves with its prickly branches. But one day, a man stops and shows kindness to the little bush. The bush sees how the people mistreat this gentle man. One day, some of his branches are cut off, and a little while later he recognizes those same branches on the head of the kind man. That same man leaves a symbolic little gift on the bush’s blossoms, turning them from a dull yellow to beautiful, multi colored flowers. The water-color type artwork in this book is gorgeous, and the story will enchant adults and children.

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